Expedia works with Samsung to come up with Galaxy-exclusive perks

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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : Sep 28, 2015

Expedia has teamed up with Samsung to give its clients more perks. Newly accomplished deals will reportedly be exclusive for the Korean tech giant’s Galaxy line of devices. In addition to an all-new launch screen, the new Expedia-Samsung collaboration will give away lots of goodies and treats meant for Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and smartphones. By accessing a new app, Galaxy users can now unlock some new perks that include extra user support by way of a dedicated support line intended only for them. Their travel needs will be prioritised and they’ll be given a more convenient and hassle-free booking experience. That said, users will also be given more offers at cheaper prices on Expedia.


The new feature helps Galaxy users find more travel options. By simply accessing the new launch screen, users are offered new destinations — all with special pricing and deals. Expedia has even guaranteed that Galaxy device owners are given the best hotel prices. In addition to a more affordable top-of-the-line booking experience, Expedia has also come up with a dedicated support line that will assist Galaxy users in matters related to their travel experience. What makes this service even better is that users’ concerns are addressed regardless of the day or time. Expedia’s customer service reps will “answer any question” and give their clients “peace of mind.”