Relief for Travel Agents: Amadeus Introduces Airline Ticket Exchange Solution

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Relief for Travel Agents: Amadeus Introduces Airline Ticket Exchange Solution

Major travel technology and solutions provider Amadeus announced on Tuesday the launch of Amadeus Exchange Relief, the industry’s first all-in-one airline ticket exchange solution.The new solution streamlines ticket exchanges for travel agents, offering them three choices in handling and processing, including the first and only full-service option available in the marketplace. According to a release, the solution virtually eliminates debit memos to exchanges, helping agents save time, sell more and better serve their clients. Complex, costly and confusing ticket exchanges and resulting debit memos are among the biggest pain points for agencies and have never really been tackled until now. With Amadeus Exchange Relief, agents can now process ticket exchanges with ease, speed and confidence and without the worries of incurring costs.
Amadeus Exchange Relief offers three servicing options: “Do It Automatically,” “Do It For Me” and “Do It Myself.”

Do It Automatically: All agents need to do is supply basic information and a tool will handle all information and transactions required to successfully process exchanges, including reissue of unused or partially used tickets and interline tickets for partner airlines. It’s designed to save time, reduce errors and deliver accurate results in just seconds.

Do It For Me: Hands the exchange over to Amadeus faring and exchange experts who quickly prepare the exchange and notify the agent upon completion (debit memos through this option are covered under the Amadeus claims policy). This is also a timesaver designed to improve profitability and productivity.

Do It Myself: Provides a free, step-by-step guided workflow that interacts with the Passenger Name Record (PNR), featuring built-in Amadeus exchange commands and pre-population of fields.

 Amadeus Exchange Relief is currently available for U.S. travel agencies.