Amadeus reveals ancillary sales through OTAs up 85% in a year

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  • Posted by :TravelOTAs
  • Date : Dec 08, 2015

A dramatic shift towards online merchandising is being spearheaded by online travel agencies (OTAs) new research reveals. TheAmadeus IT Group saw an 85% increase in the amount of ancillaries sold via travel agencies in the first nine months of the year. There are three times more OTAs integrating ancillary services as part of their overall offering in 2015 compared to last year. The trend suggests that the OTA sector is becoming a big player in the merchandising market, according to Amadeus. As many as 15 out of every 100 air bookings by OTAs include an ancillary sale, with that figure rising to 30 or 40 for certain carriers.

Online travel agencies constantly need to improve their user experience to stay competitive. If user want to book a window seat or bring one extra bag, and an OTA does not give me that option, User can find another travel vendor in just a few clicks. The selling of merchandising is the first step that OTAs are taking in offering travellers great personalisation in their air bookings. This trend will benefit everyone – travellers, OTAs and airlines.