ARC and Expedia Release Mid-Year Air Travel Trends for 2015

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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : Jun 10, 2015

Expedia,  in partnership with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), released a comprehensive study that analyzed a rich set of global air travel data spotlighting air travel trends. The report, Travel Check-Up: Air Travel Trends 2015, represents the original analysis of a variety of travel data.


An analysis of air industry data suggests that the second half of this year will shape up to be an optimal time to explore the world with smart planning.Expedia team work tirelessly to take data and put it at the fingertips of travelers in the form of smart and actionable information that makes them confident to click, book, and go. The ultimate goal is to help travelers feel informed and empowered to get past travel decision-making and move into travel moment-making.