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Extra edge with our services for Business Accommodates Business Travel Market recently introduced a new business travel booking and management platform called for Business that aims to better assist the needs of business travelers.The platform, free to sign up for and featuring more than 650,000 properties across 212 countries, was created because noticed that millions of users were booking for business on its leisure website and realized there was a clear need for a dedicated solution.


Travelers can be linked to the company account or companies can book on their behalf, and a discount of 10 percent off is offered at select properties through the platform. Companies can manage bookings in one place and filter company spending by department, team, individual and more. The new platform is an example of’s history of assessing the needs of consumers and developing new dedicated sites and platforms accordingly. That includes the introduction of, the mobile-friendly booking app Booking Now (available for iPhone and Apple Watch), and Booking Suite, a service that builds mobile-friendly sites for hoteliers that can be customized and updated.