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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : Oct 14, 2015

When it comes to business travel, there’s a simple truth that every business traveler is also a leisure traveler. reveals that more and more of its leisure travelers are making business bookings on its site, with almost one in five now made for business travel. As the face of business travel changes, the largest accommodation booking platform in the world has responded with additional, highly tailored services designed to give today’s road warriors an easier and more rewarding experience, as well as better value for employers.

Among customers, location is the primary factor when selecting a place to stay when traveling for work. With around a third of U.S. business bookings on made at places that are not hotels, there’s also a clear and growing desire for something different. The traditional executive crash-pad of the past may have had its day. Today’s business travelers wear more guises and require more choice, control and flexibility over where they choose to rest their heads than ever before. Understanding these trends and listening to their customers’ specific asks, they have shaped their product to best empower business travelers across the world to easily discover, book, and enjoy the best places to stay when traveling for work.