Expedia Enables Customers to Travel with Points

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Expedia Enables Customers to Travel with Points

Expedia.com®, one of the world’s largest full service online travel sites, today announced a new functionality that enables Expedia+ rewards members to redeem earned points towards merchant hotel purchases. The concept is that they want to allow their Expedia+ rewards members to Travel with Points.Expedia introduced this first in their hotel checkout, so their rewards members shopping for a standalone hotel have the opportunity to apply their points directly to their hotel balance. Travelers tell Expedia they want booking, earning, and redeeming travel to be simple. This new functionality embraces that notion. Today customers can ‘stay with points,’ and Expedia look forward to expanding this capability so they can ‘fly with points,’ ‘go on excursions with points,’ and a range of other options in the future. For Expedia+ rewards members, travelling with points has never been easier.


Expedia+ rewards benefits remain valid when traveling with points, so travelers can still earn double the value for their points when redeemed at +VIP Access™ hotels. And unlike other online travel agency rewards redemption programs, customers paying for travel with points are also able to apply Expedia.com promotional coupons. Previously, Expedia.com customers had to turn their points into a coupon before applying the coupon to their hotel price. Expedia has since made the process easier: when customers arrive at the checkout page, they will see qualifying points* that can be applied directly to their transaction. Members can use as many of their earned Expedia+ rewards points as they desire for a given merchant hotel transaction, potentially bring the cost of their purchase down to $0.