Expedia Says It’s Serious About Tours and Activities This Time Around

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Expedia Says It’s Serious About Tours and Activities This Time Around

Expedia Inc. has flirted with ramping up tours and activities for years but this time around it seems like much more than a tease. There are several signs that Expedia is making significant investments in the sector.Expedia introduced what it calls “real-time reviews” for tours and activities. As soon as Expedia customers complete a tour or activity, they receive emails asking them questions such as whether the experience was as expected or if they would recommend it to others. There is also a field to write additional comments about the tour experience.


Expedia has similar feedback tools that it sends to hotel guests during the stay to provide immediate feedback to hotels when guests are still at the property. While these real-time tours and activities reviews, with their accompanying smiley faces and frowns in the query to customers, might not seem like a dramatic move, they are indicative of other commitments Expedia is making to the sector. For example, over the last few months Expedia has migrated virtually all of the “things to do” that you can find in a tab atop the Expedia homepage onto the same technology platform used by the Expedia brand, and transitioned all of these tours and activities into the Expedia mobile app, as well.