Logitravel will be the first European Online Travel Agency to go live with Amadeus Fare Families

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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : Sep 18, 2015

Logitravel is to become the first European Online Travel Agency (OTA) to implement Amadeus Fare Families, which enables airlines to differentiate their offer by creating bundles of services, such as priority boarding, extra luggage or VIP lounge, under specific fares. These fares can then be branded and made available across the airline’s different sales channels. Through Logitravel’s implementation of Amadeus Fare Families, travellers will benefit from a broader value offering of airline products to choose from, more comparison, as well as the ability to personalise their travel experience.  


Amadeus Fare Families will be available on Logitravel’s website by early November, when the solution is expected to be fully implemented. Upon completion, consumers will enjoy a similar offering between the OTA’s website and that of airlines pursuing a branded fares strategy.