Outbound travel from India is growing faster than domestic

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Outbound travel from India is growing faster than domestic

US-based Expedia Inc, which entered in India in 2008, became the world’s largest online travel company by bookings in the first quarter of the current fiscal. The company, which clocked a revenue growth of 11% in the second quarter, does not want to be a mass brand in India. Instead, it wants to focus on more evolved consumers who are not looking for pre-packaged products.



India is definitely contributing in a positive manner as the Indian business is doing well. The market is pretty stable despite all the challenges in general. So far, we have not seen any slowdown in the market, though we have seen some shifting of destinations because of US dollar, as more people are travelling to Europe. Within Europe, people are picking up places like Greece which are good value for money. But spends or bookings are not really going down, and that’s something positive for us. The big growth was really Europe this year, especially during the summer time-frame. And apart from the usual destinations such as London, Paris and Rome, even places like Scandinavia are also becoming popular. In summer, these destinations tend to be little more pleasant than London and Paris.