Launches Android “Companion” Wearable App Designed to Assist the Forgetful Last-Minute Traveler

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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : Jun 04, 2015, a leader in mobile travel and part of The Priceline Group announced the launch of its app for Android Wear supporting the Android mobile operating system.  The Android Wear app uses Google map technology to pinpoint local places like convenience stores, ATMs and pharmacies within the vicinity of a traveler’s hotel.


Embedded in the Android reservation, the app creates a geo-fence around the hotel’s latitude/longitude. The Wear app is triggered when the user enters the geo-fence radius, and the app will display a map of local places (e.g., convenience stores, ATMs, pharmacies) where spontaneous travelers can pick up items they may have forgotten.  The Wear app map updates as the user moves and allows them to get turn-by-turn navigation, save places and more.