Priceline Instagram Campaign Attracting Wanderlust from Travelers

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Priceline Instagram Campaign Attracting Wanderlust from Travelers has launched an Instagram campaign that has already gone viral. The RoomWithAView Instagram campaign has been sending influential people in the travel, lifestyle and fashion industries to various hotels across the country, starting with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of “The Big Bang Theory” five weeks ago (who goes by the alias normancook on Instagram). is collaborating with 15 influencers in all, sending them to 15 hotels in 15 cities throughout September and October to share partner hotels. If followers guess which hotel the Instagram photo was taken at, they could win $300 to use toward staying in their own RoomWithAView.



With the campaign, “aims to leverage its hotel partners and influencer friends while tapping into travelers’ fondness for aspirational travel photography and drive to get the best deal,” according to the online travel agency.The campaign’s overall goal is to show that Instagram-worthy hotel views are attainable when booking through at deep discounts.