Car Rental System

Get transparent and easy booking process with statistics along with our Car Rental System.

Car Rental Booking Engine is a technical solution which provides car rental advance reservations to those tourists who plan their trip to visit various destinations. Car Rental Integration software with API not just make more perceptibility to the Car Booking travel portal but it also helps your customers to have inventories of multiple car rental booking companies and XML/API suppliers.

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7 Car Rental System

Car Booking Engine that we design and develop at our place is a solution which provides online rental bookings of automobiles through the web application of organizations which offers tourism services to the users in all over the world. This very big solution has a database attached to it which tracks the bookings hence projects a clear image in front of users that which options are available for them and which are not. Rental vehicles are in trend for a long time because it is difficult for the tourists to travel in private vehicles.

The service provides a search, reservation, and booking platform for car rentals. It allows travelers to shop for rental cars and complete reservations. Agencies can track car availability and rental activity at their locations, while also reporting on sales and analyzing trends. API methods support retrieval of vehicle categories, types, and availability for specified pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Methods support selection of an option presented and completion of the reservation booking process. The API also supports management of location operating information, such as staff members, open hours, and available inventory.

Advantages of Car Rental System:

  • Simplicity in the XML web services.
  • Complete technological support
  • Transparent and easy booking process with statistics.
  • Instant confirmation updates regarding bookings via SMS and e-mails.
  • Custom made packages, based on your needs.

Special Feature Of Car Rental System

  • Secure Control Panel user and role permissions.
  • Customizable design and layout
  • Completely integrated into your website
  • Real time availability.
  • Payment gateway Integration.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Unlimited pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Instant reservation confirmation number.
  • Travel Agent interface.
  • Promotions discounts rates.
  • Promotional coupon codes.
  • Booking Management
  • Markup Management
  • Guest Login/Register
  • Agent Login/Register
  • Manage your bookings online
  • View / Print / Cancel your Booking.
  • Booking Sales and Commission Reports.
  • Visa | MasterCard | Maestro | AMEX | JCB | Diners – Credit Card Option.