Travel Meta-search Engine

A place where people can check and compare the price between different providers on a single website.

TravelOTAs has made the survey of Habits of Purchasing any travel part (Hotel. Flight or Car) and as a result we received the outcome that people are now become more practical as they always compare the price from different portals and book the services from where they found cheaper as cost and good as service. Now Travel OTAs has taken one step forward to give easy way to provide the same to Travel Agency or Agent by developing a Meta Search Engine.

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5 Travel Meta Search Engine

Meta Search Engine is the place where people can check the comparison for their criteria for Hotel, Flight and Car from the different providers so as a result the biggest advantage is the traffic of users on website. The more comparison you provide the more users will come to your website and book the travel part and as revenue a company will get the commission from the actual provider.

A company who deal with the travel always look for the cost it will take to develop in this case Travel OTAs is the right place to develop as it offers very affordable price with world class quality website. The other disadvantage is a company don’t require to integrate the payment gateway as in Meta search engine website only shows the price from the different provider with whom they affiliate and once user will click on “book now” user will be redirect to the actual provider’s page for the booking and on successful booking made by the users company will be paid commission as per the provider’s structure.

So here TravelOTAs providers the world class solution to develop the Meta Search Engine where user can compare the price between different providers on a single website and can also book the same.

Key Benefits of Travel Meta Search Engines

  • Accessible round the clock with best deals
  • Real-time online booking confirmations
  • Global inventory
  • Up-to-date product images, descriptions, amenities, location and maps data
  • Multiple XML APIs Integration
  • Custom UIs and mobile compatible Responsive Designs