Trip Advisor Integration

Recent reports in online travel industry reveal that 72 percent of travelers are influenced by other traveler's online reviews.

TripAdvisor describes itself as the "world's largest travel site," featuring more than 200 million reviews and opinions about millions of accommodations, restaurants and attractions around the world.

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12 Trip Advisor Integration

TripAdvisor provides free, up-to-date listings, ratings, and review content to build consumer-facing travel applications and provides programmatic access to business details for accommodations, restaurants and attractions. TripAdvisor makes the following information available through its API: traveler photos, detailed reviews and rating data for accommodations, attractions, and restaurants and destination content.

Other TripAdvisor APIs are available for B2B connectivity partners (TripConnect) and self-implemented partners (online travel agents, hotel chains, etc.). The TripAdvisor API content is not publicly available and is only for licensed partners. A partner key is required to access content from the API.