XML API Integration

Empower and increase the opportunity to retain customers, increase revenues and marginswith Third Party XML API integrations.

More than a five years of experience in the travel technology solutions guarantees TravelOTAs competence in XML API integration. Over 100 integrations since 2009, including Hotel XML connections to Expedia, Booking.com, Flight XML connections to such companies as Amadeus and TravelPort and many more.

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9 XML API Integration

XML/JSON API Integration services being used by ecommerce portals are from travel verticals which uses services like hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, transfer services, car booking, mobile recharge & Top-ups, payment gateway integration and many other travel related businesses. We have expertise in XML data integration systems including all types of different XML/JSON integration from different kind of XML providers.

API/XML integrations empower the travel business. Most of the Consolidators and Travel Content Providers expose the content over API or Web Services XML/JSON feed which can be utilized by the Online Travel Business to integrate on to their booking engine to sell the relevant travel products to their clients.

One of the biggest advantages visible in the travel trade is that with the help of such integrations, an OTA (Online Travel Agency) can sell any content sourced from any partner without revealing the actual content sellers identity, which increase the opportunity to retain customers, increase revenues and margins.

TravelOTAs can assist you with following XML integration services

  • Hotel booking API, Expedia API Integration, Booking.com API Integration
  • Flight Reservation API, Arzoo API Integration, TBO APIs
  • Car Rental APIs Integration
  • Sightseeing XML Integration
  • Destination or Packages XML Integration
  • Google Maps AP v3, v2, distance matrix API.
  • Mailchimp APIs Integration for Newsletter
  • Twitter REST API
  • PayPal IPN API
  • Buckaroo, Conify, Secure Trading, Braintree payment gateway
  • SMS integration using HTTP API
  • HTTP RESTfulAPIs for mobile apps
  • iphone, andriod apps restful api services/web services for communicating with database and server side scripts.