Small Business Travelers Should Benefit From Expedia, Orbitz Deal

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Small Business Travelers Should Benefit From Expedia, Orbitz Deal

Small business travelers that search online for better deals on airfare, hotels, and the like, stand to gain from the Expedia acquisition of Orbitz Worldwide. The companies each promise that the Expedia Orbitz merger can expand their offerings to discount-seeking travelers, especially those traveling for business. Well known to small business travelers as a travel booking website, Orbitz uses a conglomeration of several online companies to offer an array of services and products needed on a trip.


Among these are Cheap Tickets and the Away Network in America, ebookers in Europe; HotelClub and Australian-based RatestoGo. Expedia is also in the online travel booking business with its own team of associated businesses. These include, and Trivago. Both companies enable the consumer to search online for the best deals in booking hotel rooms, airline or cruise tickets, car rentals and other needs during your travels. Its websites include ratings and comments by other consumers which enables shoppers to make more informed decisions about their travel options.