The Future Technology Trends of the Travel Industry in 2018 and beyond

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The Future Technology Trends of the Travel Industry in 2018 and beyond

As the holiday season of 2018 is approaching, many of you would have your plans ready about traveling to some country, city or any other desired places with your family, friends or maybe someone special, isn’t it? Have you done your bookings for traveling & hotels? If the answer is YES, it’s awesome.! But if the answer is NO, mate, you should be worried now because it’s going to be one hell of a task to get the bookings done in such a short span of time. Well, I wish you all get your desired booking.

Traveling is such a big part of anyone’s life & I don’t say it blindly. According to the survey of Bureau of Transportation Statistics United States, an average American takes 1500 trips in a year, which is equivalent to 4 trips per day, which tells you that how big the impact of traveling is in our life.

Now, if you think about traveling 15-20 years ago, how cumbersome, slow and boring the whole procedure was. First, you had to go to a travel agent, inquire about the tickets, then he/she tells you whether the tickets were available or not and finally he/she had to manually stand in the queue to get your booking done, which costs you extra rupees as traveling fee.

In contrast to that, if you look at the traveling in today’s time it’s more simple, easy, convenient and seamless. Think about when you last gone the travel agent for a booking? You can’t remember it, right? Because it’s been a while since that thing happened. So what has changed in the last decade or so in traveling? The answer is very simple, it’s the evolution of emerging technologies in travel industry.

Tech trends in travel have not only been limited to bookings & portals, the impact of this trend is way beyond your imagination. Right from Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality to Cloud Computing to Drones, the new tourism technology trends are heading towards a travel which is convenient, automated & personalized.

Today, we are going to discuss about travel technology trends of 2018 & how it is impacting the way the travel is being conduct now a days. We will also analyze the future travel trends to know where the traveling in heading in the next decade or two. Let’s analyze all the technology trends one by one.

[1]. Robotics & Artificial Intelligence:-

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence | emerging technologies in travel industry
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were seen as the new big thing in technology market few years ago. But today’s it’s not a dream anymore, it’s a reality. Robotics and AI are changing the whole scenario for the travel industry , where the travel will be more seamless and stress-free. According to the Amadeus travel trends, which is a leader in traveling technology, AI is on top of all the emerging technology.

But the question you would be having is how will travel change in the future on this basis? For that, let’s look at some real-time scenarios. In 2013, Geneva airport launched the first trial of customer service robots. The robots were helping the passengers to reach their departure gate. A similar thing was introduced in Amsterdam airport where the robots were helping the passengers to find their luggage and also able to detect any unexpected behavior.

So if we can include Robotics & AI in the travel industry, we can improve the customer experience as well as speed up the whole process which will help the industry to provide the new generation customer service.

[2]. Cloud Computing:-

Cloud Computing | travel technology trends 2017
Cloud computing is one of the most effective tourism technology trends to have emerged in the recent times. Basically, cloud computing is a network of remote servers which is used to store and process large amount of data on Internet rather than on local server or personal computers.

But the real question for us is, How it is going to help the travel industry? We all know that there are a vast amount data which needs to manage in the travel industry & it is changing every second. Like many other sectors, traveling also needs to track finances & accounting regularly. So for this purpose, the cloud computing could be a perfect solution.

In addition to this, travel industry is a seasonal industry, during some festive season there will be a lot more demand & during ordinary days there will be less demands. So a scalability factor of cloud is very useful here. Another major concern is security because millions of transactions happens every day here, that’s where cloud is a premium solution.

The travel industry is extremely competitive, you cannot afford any downtime on the server, so the cloud service helps you to become always available 24*7. Last but not least is the issue of mobility, where the customer should be able to access your service from any corner of the world & Cloud provides that too!

So if we include Cloud services in the travel industry, we can provide the next level of user experience to our clients & make their job easy.

[3]. Virtual Reality:-

Virtual Reality | technology trends in travel industry
Virtual Reality (VR) is the first word which comes to mind when you talk about the latest in travel technology. In the last decade, VR has been regarded as the one of the most powerful innovations to have happened.

Basically, virtual reality is a combo of two words: virtual & reality. Virtual means nearby & Reality means what we feel as human beings. So virtual reality means near to reality or in other words, any kind of emulation.

Now, let’s look at how VR can make a difference in the travel industry. The travel industry is all about giving an awesome experience of the particular landscape to your customer. Traditionally, this has always been accomplished by a variety of attractive images & storytelling. But with the use of VR, we can almost create the entire scenery in front of our customers & give them a lifetime experience, although for a few seconds, which they will cherish the most.

Just think, how awesome this technology is.! By using VR we can take a guided tour of a particular city,country or island from around the globe. To get a better idea, you can think about 360 degree images that you see nowadays on social media. Another example of VR is Google Earth.

So by using VR in the travel industry , we can provide the ultimate experience of a particular destination to our customers, which will help him/her to decide whether he/she wants to go to that place or not. This will eventually help the industry to improve the customer satisfaction.

[4]. QTrace:-

QTrace | digital trends in travel industry
QTrace is one of the latest travel technology trends to have emerged in the last year or so. It has been regarded as the next big thing in travel tech industry by many experts.

Basically, QTrace is a Bluetooth Item Tracker which helps you find your lost valuables as well as help you to prevent your beloved items from getting lost. It helps to track your lost key, wallet, luggage, pet etc.

Now, in terms of the travel industry , it could help you immensely to save your valuable time & money. You would be thinking about, how it’s possible? Let me explain you this with an example.

Suppose you’re traveling to a foreign country, so you obviously don’t know much detail about it. Now there is a possibility that when you’re roaming around the streets of that country, one of your valuables such as bag, wallet, key may get lost & I tell you what it could be a massive task in a foreign country to get that thing back. That’s where QTrace can be very helpful as it could find your lost items within a matter of minutes & helps to save your precious time.

So if we can include a QTrace device into the travel industry, it will definitely help you to improve the customer experience while they are in transit and they don’t need to worry about their things getting lost which makes the journey much more satisfactory.

[5]. Machine Learning:-

Machine Learning | tourism technology trends
Machine Learning is one of the most astonishing technology to have emerged in the last few years. It is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but the application itself is a wide area of research.

Basically, Machine Learning is the art & science of preparing a computer so that it could take a decision according to a particular scenario & act on it. For that to happen, we have to train the computer by providing them with lots of data. The more data it analyze, the more powerful decision, it can take in the future.

In the past decade, machine Learning has given us the concepts of self-driven cars, speech recognition and effective web search. But the technology is still evolving and it is expected that the next decade will be owned by this technology.

Now, let’s look at how this can integrate with the travel industry. Whenever you go to for traveling, the step is to find out the ultimate destination. That’s where Machine Learning can help you to improve the discovery of the location. Secondly, it helps you to streamline the booking because you already had the previous data of the customer with you and basis on that it can take an accurate decision for you. Last but not the least it helps us to provide the dynamic pricing according to particular customers.

So if we can integrate Machine Learning into the travel industry, we can improve the customer experience as well as provide a sense of personalization to each one of them.

I hope you are now aware about the insights of the latest travel technology trends which may help you in future.