Travelport launches Agentivity offering insight across all agency business aspects

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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : May 14, 2015

Travelport has launched a new business intelligence product for travel agencies in the Asia Pacific region. The new product, known as Agentivity, has been developed by Inside Group to provide travel agencies with instant web-based access to actionable insights on all aspects of their business, including daily operations, booking trends, additional revenue opportunities, emergency notifications and individual consultant productivity.


Many travel agency processes today are manual and labour intensive. Agentivity constantly monitors all agency activity and provides insight into the different elements of the business, empowering the agency to react to potential problems and opportunities instantly. A business intelligence solution like Agentivity is incredibly useful to Travelport’s agency customers and enables them to fully exploit the business opportunities that company offers through travel commerce platform and concurrently upgrade the professional competency of their own operations.