Travelport Rich Content & Branding goes mobile

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  • Posted by :Thomas
  • Date : May 27, 2015

TTS, which develops solutions for the travel and tourism industry, has now incorporated Travelport’s Rich Content & Branding concept into is mobile and web platforms, enabling travel agents to access the graphic content while away from the office.The new technology gives travel agents the ability to access the fares and products of more than 100 airlines via rich graphic images and descriptions, using the Travelport Mobile Agent app or TTS Web Agent solution for laptops and desktops.


TTS and Travelport are working closely to change the way travel agencies search, sell and book airline content for their customers. By adding Rich Content & Branding to Travelport Mobile Agent and TTS Web Agent, they can offer a more comprehensive and graphical display of the airline’s overall offering, allowing agents to better communicate the benefits of each option to their customers and allowing them to sell more effectively even when out of the office.