Travelport’s Universal API demo site launches new functionality

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Travelport’s Universal API demo site launches new functionality

Travelport, recently launched an innovative new demonstration site to showcase its Universal API capabilities. The tool allows both commercial decision makers within travel agencies and developers to fully explore the content and functionality available from Travelport before making decisions about how they would like to develop their own products. In the future, Travelport plans to add car shopping to show how easily Travelport Universal API can be used to sell car rental and to further augment the site by including data from Hotel Content Plus for a more expansive hotel display.


Travelport and Sindbad announce new agreement
Travelporthas announced it has signed a new, long term, global agreement with Sindbad, one of Russia’s largest online travel agencies. Sindbad has been operating since 1995 and specialises in selling air tickets. The announcement extends the existing relationship and creates a firm foundation for future commercial successes. Sindbad will connect to Travelport’s Travel Commerce Platform via its Universal API and receive access to an array of travel content, including network and low cost carriers, branded fares and ancillary services.